Instructions for replacing projector lamps

Replacing the lamp with the module in a projector, or projection TV is a very simple task. In spite of this, we recommend you to proceed according to the instructions, so that you do not forget any important step. The process of replacing lamps without modules is more complicated. How much complicated, depends on many circumstances as you will find out below. The replacement process is exactly the same for original, hybrid, and compatible lamps.

When replacing lamps, you may proceed according to this general set of instructions. If you have the manual for your device, it should contain the precise procedure for your projector or TV, which we recommend to follow carefully. Some original lamps with the module also come with attached instructions from the manufacturer.

You can also gain inspiration for replacing the lamp from our video demonstration showing lamp replacement in several selected brands of projectors as well as replacement of a bare bulb without module.

Procedure for replacing the lamp with the module

  1. If you have just used your device, leave the lamp inside for long enough until it cools down. The hot lamp can cause a fire or serious burns.
  2. Then switch off the projector / TV and unplug it from the electricity.
  3. Find the lamp cover on the projector, loosen the screws, and remove it.
  4. Use a suitable screwdriver to loosen the screws that are holding the lamp module – it is not always necessary to remove all of the screws which are accessible, just the ones which fix the lamp module in the projector.
  5. Release the (usually metal) handle on the lamp module.
  6. Hold the projector firmly and carefully remove the lamp module using its handle. If the lamp module is stuck inside the projector, you can try using the screwdriver gently as a leverage.
  7. Prepare the new lamp module. If you have purchased a bare bulb without the module, it is necessary to mount it in the original module according to the instructions below. Then you can return to these instructions.
  8. Wipe the front covering glass of the lamp module with a clean cloth, as well as the internal reflexive part of the lamp, if it is not covered.
  9. Insert it into the projector in exactly the same position as the original lamp module.
  10. Return the handle to its original position and make sure that it is fixed in place.
  11. Tighten the screws holding the lamp module.
  12. Place the cover on the lamp module and fix it. There is no point in switching the projector on without the lamp cover fixed in place. Most projectors will not start up at this stage!
  13. Reset the operating hours counter on the lamp. This is also an essential step. You can find the exact procedure for doing this in the manual for your projector, or in anarticle on resetting the counterin our Q&A section.
  14. Plug the device into the electricity. Now it is ready for use.

Procedure for replacing the bulbs in old modules

Never touch the new bulb with your bare hands. Use either plastic gloves or a cloth to hold the bulb. The grease from your hands which sticks on the bulb can cause the bulb to explode when the projector is on.

  1. Dismantle the original lamp module, so that you can remove the original bulb. Remove any dust and dirt.
  2. Study and remember the way in which the connectors are attached to the original bulb. We recommend taking a photo of the way in which the power cables are connected before removing them from the old lamp.
  3. Study the new lamp and compare it with the old one. It may differ in the way the power supply cables are attached.
  4. Disconnect the power supply cables from the original bulb. If any of the power cables are firmly attached to the bulb – it cannot be removed by a screw, it is necessary to cut it off as close to the bulb as possible.
  5. Remove the original bulb and fix the new bulb in its place.
  6. Attach the power cables to the new bulb. If you had to cut the power cable off the original bulb, you can connect the new bulb in one of the two following ways:
    • If the new bulb has a lug prepared to attach the eyelet on the power cable, then attach an electrical eyelet onto the end of the power cable and screw it onto the lug with a suitable screw. See diagrams 1-4. On request, we can send you the eyelet with the lamp.

  7. Assemble the lamp module and insert it in the projector according to the previous instructions.

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