How do the various types of lamps differ? Which one should I choose?

We offer several options for most projector replacement lamps and projection TVs. For some projectors, you can choose from up to 6 different lamp options. We guarantee that each lamp option will work correctly in your projector or projection TV provided that they are installed correctly.

Up to 6 lamp options for your projector:
  1. original lamp + original housing
  2. original lamp + Diamond Lamp housing
  3. original bulb inside lamp + generic housing
  4. generic lamp + generic housing
  5. original lamp without housing
  6. generic lamp without housing

Bulb + mounting case = lamp with housing

Mounting case
Lamp module

Lamps with housing

Lamps with housing have one indisputable advantage over bare bulbs, namely their easy installation. Simply put, anyone who can handle a screwdriver can install the replacement unit. You can choose from up to 4 different options of lamps with housing.

Lamp with module
Original lamp with housing

Original lamps with housing are produced by the projector manufacturer. This option is often chosen by demanding customers who require the highest projection quality and utmost reliability. An original lamp with housing from the projector manufacturer is the most expensive option.

Diamond lamp with housing

Diamond lamps contain original bulbs, mostly Philips or Osram bulbs, which are pre-fitted into the Diamond lamp housing. This lamp option is an adequate replacement for the original lamp from the projector manufacturer, because it ensures high quality projection and is extremely reliable.

Original bulb inside with housing

Original bulb inside lamps combine a bulb from one of OEM manufacturers (Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Matsushita, Iwasaki) with non-original housing from a generic manufacturer. This option offers quality projection and reliability that is comparable to an original lamp with housing, but at a much more favourable price.

Generic lamp with housing

The generic lamp and housing are both produced by an authorised manufacturer of generic lamps. This option is recommended for those who want maximum savings and a simple installation process. Generic lamps may have a shorter lifespan and lower luminosity in comparison to an original lamp.

Lamps without housing

Lamps without housing, or bare bulbs, are most attractive due to their price: compared to original lamps with housing they are 40% to 60% cheaper. We recommend lamps without housing for manually skilled customers. This is because the bulb can easily be broken during improper installation.

Bare lamp
Original lamp without housing

Original lamps, or bare bulbs, are made by one of the OEM lamp manufacturers (Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Matsushita, Iwasaki). This option ensures both maximum projection quality and reliability. However, installation is more complicated than installing a lamp with housing. Only manually skilled individuals will be able to manage this replacement process.

Generic lamp without housing

Generic lamps, or bare bulbs, are the cheapest replacement option for projector lamps. These lamps may have a shorter lifespan and lower luminosity in comparison to original lamps. Therefore, we recommend these lamps particularly for home use where projection quality demands are lower. Generic lamps without housing are only recommended for manually skilled customers.

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