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Overview of SHARP projector lamps

For all SHARP projector models we can offer you several different types of lamps. They differ mainly in price, difficulty of replacement and reliability. Our offer is made up of original as well as original bulb inside and generic projector lamps. Original lamps are the most reliable, although also the most expensive. An alternative to original lamps are original bulb inside lamps, which have an original bulb housed in generic housing at a more favourable price. Generic projector lamps are manufactured by a different manufacturer than original manufacturer lamps; nevertheless, their quality and reliability is still sufficient. The major advantage of these lamps is their low price. We also sell bare bulbs without housing (without the bulb mounting cage). Another type of SHARP projector lamps are those manufactured by Diamond Lamps co. – they are usually Philips or Osram bulbs in housing assembled by Diamond Lamps. Please take a look at our more detailed overview of lamp types in order to choose the best option.

Shall I buy a lamp with housing or a bare bulb?

We offer SHARP projector lamps both with (module lamps) and without the housing (bare bulbs). Projector lamps without housing are recommended for customers who have previous experience with lamp replacement – although with a bit of patience and the right tools practically anyone can do it. When purchasing a bare bulb, you will use the lamp housing which is already in your projector and will take the old bulb out and then will replace it with a new one. If you decide to buy a lamp with housing, it can be replaced in just a few steps and thus is quite simple. For more information, please take a look at our instructions for replacing a projector lamp.

How can I save money when purchasing a projector lamp?

When it comes to the importance of price, we offer several different projector lamp options. Projector lamps without housing represent the least expensive option. Another budget-friendly option is to buy lamps with generic bulbs instead of original manufacturer lamps. Original bulb inside lamps in generic housing, as well as the alternatives from Diamond Lamps co. mentioned above, are a great compromise between quality and price.

Which types of SHARP projector lamps are reliable?

All projector lamps that we offer are highly reliable. However, in order to get the best quality, we recommend buying either original projector lamps both with and without housing or original bulb inside lamps in generic housing or Diamond lamps.