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HIGH QUALITY LAMPS for all projector and TV models

We are here to help you choose the right lamp and to answer your questions.
Your new lamp will be packed safely and delivered quickly to your door.
We are also here to give you advice on replacing the lamp.

We will help you choose the right projector lamp

We offer both lamp modules (with housing) and bare bulbs (without housing). Projector lamps can either be housed inside plastic housing, also known as a lamp module, or can be sold as a bare bulb.
We offer 5 different options for projector lamps. Would you like to buy the cheapest lamp?
And are you manually skilled? Then choose a bare bulb without housing. Save up to 66% compared to an original lamp with housing.
Do you know the differences between original, original bulb inside and generic lamps?
Compare the options.

Projection quality:
You save:*

Lamp with housing

2Orig. Inside
up to 34%
up to 59%

Without housing

up to 48%
up to 66%

* Savings on purchase options 2,3,4, and 5 compared to option 1.

We are an e-shop specializing in projector lamps

We currently offer replacement lamps for 21 800 projector models and 1 250 projection TV models. With us you have a choice – we sell all types of lamps: original, compatible, hybrid, and lamps with housing or without. But not to worry, in just 4 clicks you can easily find the right lamp for your projector with our quick navigation. If you are not sure which lamp to choose, call us at +44 20 8089 7686 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Our qualified staff is more than happy to assist you. You will receive the new replacement lamp for your projector the following business day. If you prefer communication in another language or payment in another currency, refer to our store’s language options.